FBC Diana

FBC Diana welcomes you to our community!


Whether you are looking for a church home, a place to raise your kids, or simply a place to worship -- FBC Diana is a positive choice for your family.

The family unit is a precious gift and we at FBCD strive to encourage, equip, and enhance the family unit by offering variety of spiritual discipleship opportunities and positive activities for every member of the family.  

We are devoted to empower people to serve God. 

(Matt. 20:28, John 15:5,John 12:26,
1 Cor. 13:13, 2 Cor. 6:4, James 2:17)

Ministry, Serving, Giving

We believe that God has called every Christian to a life of service.      Service includes giving of time and resources to build the kingdom of   God and helping fellow man.  Jesus is our greatest example of one who     is truly a minister. Our devotion is to serve selflessly and empower    others to do likewise.


Monthly Newsletter
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